20" Pig Tail POL x 1 / 4" MPT w / 7 / 8" HEX
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20" Pig Tail POL x 1 / 4" MPT w / 7 / 8" HEX

Code de produit : DS-912JS20

Different applications require specific pigtail and hogtail assemblies. Special attention is required when ordering to ensure proper assembly is purchased for the intended application.

Installation of this product must be performed by a licensed professional. Customers who are not licensed professionals should NOT attempt to install this product under any circumstances. Sol will not assume any responsibility for the failure of this product or damages occurring as a result of improper installation, alteration of the product or an act or omission on the part of the installer. Sol shall not be responsible for any consequential damages which arise from the improper use and/or installation of this product.
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