Hydraulic Oils

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Mobil DTE
  • Mobil DTE
  • Mobil
  • Code: M-DTE24PAIL221_Group
    • Excellent oxidation stability, enable long oil and filter life.
    • Enhanced anti-wear and corrosion protection of system components.
    • Controlled demulsibility protects systems from small and large quantities of water.
    • Keep clean properties reduce system deposits and sludge.
    • Quality reserve maintains performance features even under severe service conditions and extended drain intervals.
  • NUTOH68DRUM 55 AG DRUM (241)
  • Mobil
  • Code: NUTOH68DRUM241
    • Good anti-wear performance helps reduce pump wear and prolonging pump life.
    • Corrosion protection helps reduce the effects of moisture on system components. 
    • Filterability to prevent filter blockage even in the presence of water.

  • 1,884.30XCD /DR01
  • DR01
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