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Bulk Installations

Above Ground Bulk Tanks



Bulk tanks are a convenient and safe way to store LPG to power homes and businesses. One tank cab be sized to serve a number of homes or businesses based on their total maximum load, measured in British thermal units (Btu), or multiple smaller tanks can be manifolded together. EMAIL US TODAY to schedule a site visit with one of our specialized technicians.





Metered Systems

LPG Metering System

For complexes with many homes or a series of businesses, Sol Gas can install a metered distribution system to individually supply each one with the amount of LPG needed. The metered LPG distribution system is supplied with LPG from a single bulk storage tank or a group of tanks. Our team provides guidance and support to safely locate the tanks either below or above ground and away from individual homes or units. The LPG is distributed to each home or business through underground gas lines, thus eliminating the need for individual smaller tanks.

How does the billing work? Each home or business is billed only for their LPG consumption as shown on the respective meters. This solution gives our customers control of their gas bills and reliable supply of LPG. Sol Gas provides a complete turnkey solution for the metered distribution system tailored to meet your needs.

Underground Bulk Tanks

An underground tank is safe, easy to maintain and affordable to install. Buried tanks offer key benefits to homes and communities. LPG is a low-carbon energy source that emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel. It is non-toxic and insoluble in water. LPG is not harmful to ground soil or water and is the cleanest form of fuel burning energy available in the Caribbean.

These characteristics make storing LPG underground appealing for homeowners and businesses. Most of our customers seek environmentally friendly and reliable sources of energy to power appliances. Underground tanks are aesthetically pleasing from a landscaping standpoint; having an underground storage tank also keep your supply intact in the event of a storm.

We provide technical support to ensure your tank is buried in a safe, convenient location. Our team has more than 50 years' experience in installing tanks and providing LPG to happy customers.


 100LBS Installations

solgas 100lb delivery

100Lbs cylinder system installations are the most basic form of LPG systems. They are frequently used by customers to run a single appliance (typically a cooking appliance). In some cases, customers with a stove and dryer might also consider 1 100lbs cylinder system. Due to a smaller volumes, however, 100lbs cylinder systems are unable to provide enough gas vapor to run tankless water heaters.

Since 100lbs cylinders do not have gauges showing the level of gas remaining, Sol Gas commends installing a dual-cylinder system, which utilizes a tee check to allow customers to operate one cylinder at a time in order to avoid running out of gas. When one cylinder runs empty, customers can order a replacement while the system continues to operate off the other full cylinder.

Tank Monitors

Remote Monitor - Sol gas - Copy

As market leaders, we offer our customers FREE Sol Gas tank monitoring systems. The monitoring systems are designed to provide real-time data on the amount of product in your tank. This is an easy and convenient way to keep track of your consumption and have peace of mind knowing you will never run out of LPG. We provide technical support and training so you are comfortable using the system and provide insightful reports to better manage your supply.